Edges of Landscape 

Primeval traces 

Photographic studytrip to the primeval forests of Bialowieza, Podlaskie, Poland.

In August 2022 i went to eastern Poland to learn about the Bialowieza forest complex and its surroundings.  I visited the oldest part inside the strict reserve of the Bialowieza National Park together with a guide who showed me how a forest complex exists in myriad transitions. 



First posts about this project on Instagram


 Map of Poland with Bialowieza at the Belarus Border.





landscape  seen from the train and seen from the car just before the bialowieza forest complex.











 18th century industrial settlements of Budy, Teremesky and Pogorzelce inside the forest complex.







Monumental trees near Budy










 Forest wall seen from the Bialowieza clearing and other paces around the forest complex.



















Inside the strict reserve of Bialowieza National Park.



















 Generously supported by Kunstloc Brabant/Perspectiefbudget.


















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