Residency at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania. january/february 2017

Nida Art Colony is a project of the Vilnius academy of Arts and is situated at the curonian spit in the village Nida in Lithuania.

Taking the ferry is taking distance, entering the peninsula is entering a bubble.


Deep forests surround the colony. Here I search for singular images, for rythm and structure, dots and lines, endless nature.

In the studio the image becomes an image of the past and elswhere. Through projection and drawing i want to connect it with the here and now. Through the slowness of drawing I want to give it its time back. I try to draw the image back.

Drawing and projection

The use of tracing paper emphasizes the vulnerability of the spits landscape and fits the clear northern light. It has the ability to see through, to connect the drawing with the space around.

'Here' written on the wall behind the drawing as a test

The circles in the drawings are applied to make different drawings compatible. the circles here belong to two different grids because some drawings have different measurements. The circles make a pattern, they're not individually representing one single place, like the image of the drawing, they rather belong to a larger system beyond the drawing, they connect.


The circles are an indication of the balance between the drawing and its background. the more dominant the drawing, the more visible the circles.


view from the library

Open studios. At several moments during the residency.

Open studio: Eglė Ulčickaitė (LT)

Open Studio: Sybille Neumeyer (DE)

concert by Lithuanian composer Vytautas Germanavičius

Open studio:
Natalija Vujosevic (YU/ME)

made possible by Nida Art Colony/Vilnius Academy of Arts and the Mondriaan Fund

Mondriaan fonds

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